Library needs your help

Press Release

The Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre wants to know what the community thinks about it.
As such, a survey is being distributed asking for feedback on the library’s services and the community’s needs.
The library is committed to meeting the changing needs of the community.
“The survey is our way of ensuring that the library is doing everything it can to meet the needs of the people we serve,” said CEO Caroline Goulding.
The survey also is a part of the ongoing accreditation process the local library is engaged in.
To become an accredited public library, the library must meet a number of best practices as outlined within the Ontario Public Library Guidelines.
“The library board is very proud of our programming, services, and staff,” Goulding said.
“However, we are always looking to improve.
“Accreditation is the next step in ensuring that our patrons receive the benefits of recognized best practices within the Ontario library community,” she added.
“Accreditation is the gold standard for libraries.”
The survey is available online at the library’s website and in print at the library’s main desk.
The Library would be grateful for feedback from members and non-members alike.