Lesko wins prestigious award

Myriah Lesko knows how to handle a mortar and pestle.
The 24-year-old daughter of Andrew and Janis Lesko of Fort Frances recently was awarded the Canadian Pharmacists Association’s prestigious Centennial Award for outstanding performance by a third-year student from each of the nine faculties of pharmacy across the country.
Lesko, who already completed her Bachelor of Science degree in 1999, attends the University of Manitoba.
“[Lesko’s] an excellent choice,” said Janet Becigneul, a spokesperson for the CPhA. “If all future pharmacist were like her, that would be something.”
Lesko herself was excited to receive the award.
“It is very gratifying to know that the undergraduate pharmacy students are being recognized at this level,” she said.
The award entitled Lesko and the eight other winners the chance to travel to Ottawa, Toronto, and Winnipeg to tour of the offices of CPhA.
Award winners also were privy to a behind-the-scenes look at the prize’s two sponsors, Apotex Inc. and Pharmasave National.
“It was absolutely fantastic,” Lesko enthused. “It exposed us to the different decisions that have to be made within the industry. It was very interesting.”
Lesko’s hard work is inspiring. Not only is she a top student, but her efforts as vice-president of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Undergraduates helped spearhead charitable activities like a poppy drive, seniors’ workshops, and clothes drives for the homeless.
“My motivation was to work for the exposure of the profession,” she said.
This summer, Lesko will continue her dedication towards the profession by travelling to a conference in Budapest and then working in an exchange program in Malta.
Lesko hopes to continue her globetrotting after graduation next year. “I would like to travel a bit,” she remarked. “I would love to do some placements in Africa and overseas.”
Although she does not intend to return to Fort Frances to work, she believes the town has a great deal to offer.
“[Fort Frances] has a lot of potential,” she said. “I think if they work at it, they can bring a young pharmacist back to the community.”