Legion proposing more visible crosswalk


The local Legion has proposed to council a new solution to improve the Church Street crosswalk.
In a letter received at its meeting last night, Royal Canadian Legion Br. #29 president Ann Watson reminded council the local branch is hosting the 49th-annual provincial convention on June 14-17–and it would be ideal to have the improvements in place by then.
“Since drivers nine times out of 10 are still not stopping for the crosswalk in front of the Legion, as no hash marks or Xs were painted on the road to increase visibility as we were told would happen last summer, we would like to propose a solution,” she wrote.
“We are designing a template of a soldier marching,” she explained. “It would be approximately four feet tall and we would like to paint the template of the soldier on the road walking across the crosswalk.
“Three going north to south and three going south to north.
“The prep work and painting would be at our expense to achieve this,” Watson added.
She said there are three advantages to this proposal.
“One, it would increase visibility for the crosswalk, increasing the safety of people crossing there,” she wrote.
“Two, it reinforces the presence of the Legion and its mandate regarding veterans; and three, it will not cost the town any money to achieve more visibility at the crosswalk,” she concluded.
Council referred the request to the Operations & Facilities executive committee for its recommendation.
Also at last night’s meeting, council:
•passed a bylaw to approve an extension to an agreement with Kenora Central Ambulance Communications Centre, Lake of the Woods District Hospital, under authority of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for a communications service for the District Fire Service;
•passed a bylaw to approve an agreement with Wessuc Inc. awarded through a tender process (sanitary sewer cleaning and CCTV inspection program);
•passed a bylaw to licence and regulate fences within the municipality;
•passed a bylaw to authorize execution of a site plan control agreement as a condition of development with Minister of Government and Consumer Services;
•passed a bylaw to amend Zoning Bylaw #03/14, as amended (737 Scott St.) This rezones the property from type R2 residential to C2 commercial, with plans to make the site a usable storage building and parking area for the Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board;
•passed a bylaw to amend Zoning Bylaw #03/14, as amended (520 Scott St.) This rezones the property from C2 commercial to R2 residential;
•passed a bylaw to amend the Official Plan (2011) as amended (520 Scott St.) This changes the property’s usage designation under the Official Plan from “Employment” to “Living”; and
•passed a bylaw to approve an agreement with Rainy River Future Development Corp. to be the designated partner for tourism development in regards to a portion of the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT).