Lasting impact

Dear editor:
I never realized World Teacher Day came until well after I got home from school.
I am a teacher for many reasons but the top reason is that there have been teachers who inspired me on this path. I wanted to take the time to thank those teachers, and without an idea how to do so, I opted to reach out through the newspaper.
I always have enjoyed school and got good grades. That being said, I was not always the best-behaved student in the world. I spent many recesses near the office in elementary and faced a couple suspensions in high school.
The teachers I remember most are the ones who not only brought their knowledge to the classroom but a positive energy, and the ability to speak to me not as a student or kid but as a person or equal (despite my behaviour).
It has stuck with me. Now I have my own classroom and I try my hardest to offer that kind of experience to the kids I teach.
I’d have a hard time to pick out more than one awful teacher from my past, but I certainly would like to thank the ones who (for me) made a lasting impact on my life: Dave Ogilvie, Ludger Rittau, Claude Gagnon, and John MacGibbon.
Whether your ability to make material meaningful or understandable, the undeniable energy you brought to the class, or your ability to reach out, I would like to thank you for everything you’ve done!
While you’re not the only teachers who have led me to this path, you did give a major push in that direction.
Mitchell Gallinger
Brandon, Man.
P.S. Not all teachers are in a classroom. Some are in a curling rink you pretend is a ship and lots of thanks to them, too!