Landfill, sewer/water rates hiked

Increased costs for landfill tipping, as well as sewer and water rates, are part of the new user fee schedule town council voted to adopt at Monday night’s regular meeting.
The minimum tipping fee at the landfill will go from $14 to $15 while the rate per tonne will increase from $50 to $53.57.
Last year, these rates went from $12 to $14 and $46.41 to $50, respectively.
The increases are part of a four-year plan to see the town’s waste management system become self-funded through user fees, and not subsidized by taxation.
This is year two of that plan.
Unlike last year, however, the cost of bag tags will not go up (they went up from $1 to $1.50 in 2007).
The fee increases also bring Fort Frances more in line with what Dryden and Kenora charge for these services. For example, Dryden charges a minimum tipping fee of $14 and $70 per tonne while Kenora charges $15 and $80, respectively.
Aside from the waste management costs, most other user fees have gone up an average of three percent—primarily to keep pace with inflation and fund increasing operating costs, town treasurer Laurie Witherspoon confirmed yesterday.
Last year, the increase was two percent.
Among those going up three percent, flat residential water rates will go from $33.10 per month to $34.09 while flat residential sewer rates will go up from $29.20 to $30.08.
Metered non-residential water will go from $1.84 per cubic metre to $1.86, with metered non-residential sewer rising from $1.61 per cubic metre to $1.64.
Metered flat industrial/commercial/institutional (ICI) water rates will go from $43.63 per month to $44.94 while flat metered ICI sewer will increase from $38.49 to $39.64.
Metered ICI water will go from $0.80 to $0.82 per cubic metre, with metered ICI sewer going from $0.69 to $0.71/cu m.
The only new user fee added to the schedule is the one for commissioning oaths and affidavits, which costs $10 ($15 for non-residents) for one signature/stamp/initial and $5 ($7.50 for non-residents) when more than one is required.
Most of the user fees, including water and sewer rates, will go into effect Jan. 1 while others (such as Sorting Gap slip rentals, pool/fitness centre memberships, ice surface rentals, and day care rates) won’t kick in until April, May, or June.
The public can view a copy of the user fee schedule at the information desk at the Civic Centre.