Land tax payments deadline extended

Press Release

The deadline for northerners to make payments for their final 2010 Provincial Land Tax bill has been extended.
Due to system changes, Provincial Land Tax (PLT) bills were sent out later than normal.
Accordingly, the due date for instalment payments originally due on:
•Dec. 3, 2010 is extended to Jan. 31, 2011; and
•Dec. 17, 2010 is extended to Feb. 28, 2011
PLT payments may be made at most financial institutions in Ontario free of charge.
Northern Ontario property taxpayers still are eligible to claim the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit for payments made in 2011 that relate to the 2010 tax year, provided their final PLT payments have been paid in full by the extended deadline.
The interim billing for 2011 will be adjusted in consideration of these deadline changes.
PLT is the property tax system used in Northern Ontario in the territory outside municipal boundaries, known as unincorporated territory (UT).