Kids urged to ‘step into reading’ this summer

With school out, the Fort Frances Public Library is gearing up for another summer of its “Step Into Reading” program.
Created 10 years ago in an effort to promote literacy among local youth, the library offers children the chance to win prizes by reading books throughout the summer.
“Last year, we had 180 kids participate in the program,” said ‘Step Into Reading’ creator Andrea Avis. “Those kids managed to read a total of 2,200 books, which is really pretty spectacular.
“The children are all very eager to get started with their reading,” Avis added.
“We set goals for the children with prizes that they can win,” she explained. “Every time they read five books and report on them, they get a prize and if they manage to read 20 books, then they receive a grand prize.
“At the end of the program, we have a big party and those kids who have read 10 books or more are invited to attend.”
Avis said kids of all ages can participate in the program.
“You don’t have to be able to read to be in the program,” she stressed. “Pre-schoolers and beginning readers can register the books read to them by others.
“Basically, the children will pick a book that is at their reading level,” she continued. “They will then take the book home, read it, and then do a short oral report on it when they return it to the library.
“It is really a great way to get kids interested in reading and excited about books,” she enthused.
Children can register for “Step Into Reading” during regular Children’s Department hours. For more information, contact Avis at 274-9870.