Kids set to go to work

If you’re heading down to the Red Dog next Thursday (April 4), you’ll notice James Bruyere will be the newest little edition to their workforce.
This is due to “Take your kids to work” Day—a program that gives ninth-graders at Fort High a chance to sample the workforce which they will join soon enough.
This also can be seen as a preview for those students who wish to participate in co-op in their future high school years.
Part of the Learning Partnership, “Take our kids to Work” Day will see Fort High send grade nine students around our community—whether it be to Rainycrest or here at the Fort Frances Times—to help them find out what real work is.
Each participating business will receive a memo outlining the information they must know concerning the program.
“It is a great opportunity for students to gain appreciation of what their parents do all day,” said co-organizer Marnie Cumming. “It helps students consider a career that might interest them.”
There always has been good things said about the program, whether it be from the student or the employer.
One of the main highlights in the eyes of the students would have to be the fact they’re spending time with their parents—and, in the process, learning new skills that may come in handy down the road.
The employers also have many good things to say when in comes to participating in the program. They seem to enjoy how it offers to help re-emphasize the role of the workplace and the family.
So after April 4, this year’s participants will be able to say, “I have worked one day in my mother or father’s shoes—and I survived.”