Kids’ chess tourney slated tomorrow

Children of all ages and ability are invited to participate in a day of chess at Fort France Public Library tomorrow.
The day will begin at 10 a.m. with “simuls,” where the youngsters will play against John Rutherford, known as “The Chess Guy,” of the Central Canada Chess League Tournament Club in Thunder Bay.
The kids are seated at tables arranged in a circle, with a chess board in front of each player. Rutherford stands in the middle and goes around the circle, making a move on each board.
“The simuls are amazing to watch,” said head librarian Margaret Sedgwick.
Last year, of the 18 children who played against Rutherford, only three defeated him: Erin Johnston, Maxwell Williams, and Jonathon Colfer.
The simuls will be followed by a tournament at 1 p.m., during which the kids play against each other. Each child plays five games against five different opponents, and earns a point for each game won.
First place last year went to Ethan Jordbro, who got a perfect score of five. Williams and Maury Green were tied for second place.
At seven years old, Williams was one of the youngest players at last year’s tournament.
Sedgwick said there is no age restriction on the events, which are open to anyone who knows how to play chess. The library has been hosting the “Check Mate Chess Club” every Thursday throughout the summer, open to children aged six and up.
Registration for each event tomorrow costs $5, but kids who defeat Rutherford in the simuls can enter the afternoon tournament for free.