Kettle, hamper programs need more volunteers

While things are going well for the local Salvation Army’s Christmas hamper program, Captain Angel Sandoval said he’s still looking for volunteers to help out with the kettle program.
“We need volunteers,” he noted. “We’ve had to close some of the kettles, and we depend on [those] to give better hampers to people.”^The Salvation Army uses some of the money collected in the kettles to purchase items for the Christmas hampers.
The kettle program is one of only two major fundraising events the Salvation Army holds each year.
Meanwhile, Capt. Sandoval said the hamper program is going well, but is keeping them very busy.
“We handed out 330 applications [across the district],” he noted, adding about 250 of those have been submitted for consideration.
“We don’t want to leave anybody behind who is eligible,” he stressed.
So far, it appears there is a higher demand for the hampers than last year, when 240 of the hampers were distributed to district families. And because of the high demand, Capt. Sandoval said they will need some extra help.
“It’s going well, but we still need some donations,” he noted.
Once the food has been collected, he said they’ll need volunteers to help pack the hampers.
Some students from area schools already have promised to come in and help, but more hands are always welcome, Capt. Sandoval said, noting the hampers will be packed Dec. 16-22.
“We need more people, especially on Dec. 22,” he remarked.
Because they include perishable food in the hampers, packing cannot be done too far ahead of Christmas.
Anyone who wishes to make a donation, or volunteer to pack hampers or man kettles, can call the Salvation Army at 274-3871.