After almost two decades away pursuing my education and career goals, I recently returned to the district and am proud to call Alberton home. I feel my work and education background in project management, communications, and business development is a strong asset.
Having sat on numerous boards, I am confident in my ability to effectively handle all needs that may arise as your trustee.
I believe every child has the right to succeed in their education and to finish school with a strong foundation on which to build their future, whether it be in the trades, business, post-secondary, or other fields of interest.
Achievement looks different for all students and we need to support and encourage this.
Education takes place in the classroom and efforts must focus on enhancing and enriching what goes on there. We must provide and maintain safe and healthy environments, both physically and emotionally, for all students and employees with up-to-date facilities and resources.
We must continue efforts of employee recruitment and retention, which serves to benefit our communities.
While focused on accountability and fiscal responsibility, I’m committed to engaging and working collaboratively with other trustees, students, educators, parents, and the public to ensure all viewpoints are given the consideration they deserve in meeting common goals.
The next four years offer greater opportunity for our schools to thrive, to continue to build education partnerships, to put aside individual agendas, work in respectful, collaborative ways, and continue the push for increased funding. I’m running to be a part of that process.
I am Kathryn Pierroz and I am asking for your vote. Public education needs strong, responsible leaders.
It’s time for change and a fresh perspective (www.kathrynpierroz.com).