Kabel profile

I have sat proudly on Fort Frances town council for 12 years. Throughout my duty on town council, I have served on numerous committees and municipal boards.
I take great pride in my part in many crucial decisions that have positively influenced Fort Frances.
I fondly look back on my involvement in the building of the Ice for Kids Arena, the Front Street waterfront development, the construction of the Front Street condominiums, and the recent changes to management at Rainycrest, which now is overseen by Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc.
These issues are just a tiny number of developments where I have played a part. I envision many new challenges for Fort Frances and feel with my experience, common sense, and commitment to the facts, all future issues can be met with positive solutions.
I am a local housing manager and love all that this area has to offer. I enjoy the outdoors and am very concerned about the conservation of our fisheries. I remain active in Fort Frances minor hockey and the Fort Frances women’s hockey programs in a coaching and teaching capacity.
Me and my wife, Doreen, celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary this summer. We have a daughter, Tara, a son, Jason, and four grandchildren we cherish.
Fort Frances faces some difficult challenges in the immediate future. Only experience, proven integrity, and a positive, fact-based focus will win the day for this community.
I possess these qualities. Vote Neil Kabel for council.