Just three condo unit still for sale

The town’s involvement in the River Walk Condominium project looks to be nearing an end as only a few of the 32 units remain unsold.
“There was one sold recently, so we’re down to three,” Fort Frances CAO Mark McCaig said Thursday.
“There’s people always in contemplation of buying one,” he added.
“I would like to have seen them all sold by now,” McCaig admitted. “But the financial burden to the town is not nearly as significant as it was a year-and-a-half ago.”
“We have three left, but we’ve had, in the past two weeks, five people looking at them,” echoed condo resident Noreen Robertson, who also sits on the Fort Frances Non-profit Innovative Homes Inc. board.
“I’m confident they’re going to sell soon. Winter is not a good time for people to move, so people’s interest picks up this time of year.”
“I would suggest anyone even thinking of getting one of the condos to contact us before they’re all gone,” Robertson stressed.
While the condo units initially were marketed through real estate brokers, the condo board has taken over showing the units for sale. Anyone interested in purchasing a condo can call 274-6082.
Construction got underway on the condos in the spring of 2002, with some owners starting to move into their new homes in February, 2003. More followed later that year.
More and more units were sold throughout 2003, with about 10 remaining as of December, 2003. By April, 2004, that number was down to six.
Three more have sold in the year since.
Robertson, along with her husband, Cal, was one of the first condo owners to move in and so has had the experience of seeing her neighbours move in over the past two years, including some who moved here from Kenora, Windsor, and elsewhere.
“Everybody’s settled in. We have a great social life,” she noted. “It’s a great community we have here.”
Robertson mentioned all the residents she’s spoken with are very satisfied with their new homes, and comment on the friendliness and helpfulness of their neighbours.
She added it’s not unusual for neighbours to have morning coffee together, or band together in a time of personal tragedy.
Robertson also said condo life definitely has its advantages, including underground/indoor parking and grounds keepers to take care of snow removal and landscaping.
“I also like that we’re able to go away without worrying about anything,” she said. “We can lock the door behind us, leave, and not worry about whether the furnace has gone out while we’re not there.
“There’s really a sense of freedom,” she remarked.