Just one fire still burning

the MNR

There’s only one active fire in the West Fire Region at this time.
Thunder Bay Fire #36, which first was reported Aug. 22, is being monitored and not posing any problems.
The fire hazard is “low” to “moderate” across the region.
In related news, an innovative research and development project currently is underway in the West Fire Region to test out sending data from fire detection aircraft in an operation that merges global positioning systems, data entry from detection observers, and Google Earth map files.
Mock smoke reports done yesterday showed, on average, that the data sent from the aircraft was received and processed in five minutes.
Yesterday’s exercise was designed to test the data communication timing, and the format and information on the fire report.
Follow-up phases in testing are planned.
Meanwhile, Ontario forest firefighting staff in British Columbia now numbers 222 FireRangers and 60 support personnel.
Assistance there with staff and equipment is in its sixth week.
FireRangers also continue to help with storm clean-up activities in southern Ontario, which are expected to conclude soon in Vaughan and continue in Durham.
There are 53 staff in those areas.