If elected, it would be an honour to sit on the school board of trustees representing the community(s) in Rainy River District.
My wife and I have four children, with our oldest in the current public school system. As a father to a student, I hope to bring a practical firsthand look to a wide range of policies and decisions at the board level.
As a current business owner/employer that serves our farming community, I want to make sure my children grow up in a safe environment: in the community, at school, and when they are home.
I feel very strongly that schools should be safe places for education, with a focus on teaching children with various learning techniques. Each child, whether more academically or practically inclined, should have the opportunity in schools to thrive in their gifts and reach their full potential.
With this, I see a need for our students to have local opportunities in trades and agricultural education. As parents, we need to support and empower good teachers in a time when teaching has become increasingly challenging.
With your votes from La Vallee and Alberton, and as your representative school board trustee, I want to represent our community well.
For any question, please contact me at
Vote for John Sawatzky.