‘Jessie’ undergoes surgery, finds home

Duane Hicks

Jessie the dog got the surgery he needed and even has a new home, reported Friends of Animals last week.
Times readers might remember Jessie from a series of ads Friends of Animals ran in early July, at which time a call was put out to help raise money for Jessie to get medical aid.
Jessie had been turned into Friends of Animals, and had been in and out of homes for the last few years.
He was in care when it was noticed that one of his eyes looked bad.
He was taken to the vet and they discovered that his eye was not healthy and something would have to be done.
Different medicines were used to treat him but it became apparent that his eye would have to be removed.
Jessie was in a lot of pain but the cost of the surgery and his after care was expensive.
The good news is that within a week and a half of the ads running, a dozen individuals and groups had generously donated $845—enough to get Jessie the surgery he needed and pay for the aftercare, said Sherin Hagen, a volunteer with Friends of Animals.
“We are able to get him in right away and get him done. Just a little while for recuperation, and he was off and running,” she noted. “You’d never know there was anything wrong.”
Since Jessie has had the surgery, he has gotten a clean bill of health, and he is doing very well.
But this good news story gets even better, as Jessie was adopted in mid-August by a family in Bergland who reports that “he is a very happy, healthy little guy,” said Hagen.
Friends of Animals offers thanks for the generous donations from the community and surrounding areas, and a special thank you to Katie and Jordan who fostered Jessie through his illness and his recovery.