‘Jail or Bail’ set to go


The local Voyageur Lions Club is hoping that crime does pay when it holds its annual “Jail or Bail” fundraiser tomorrow (May 10) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Canadian Tire.
Club member Diana Lynn Larocque said nearly 20 local “convicts,” including Mayor Roy Avis, have been lined up to do hard time for a good cause.
The public is urged to come out to watch the fun, and either help get the “convict” released, keep he or her in jail, or volunteer to go behind bars themselves.
Tomorrow’s event also will feature a silent auction, Blue Jays’ raffle tickets, a giveaway for a Mother’s Day flower basket, and refreshments.
The Voyageur Lions Club also will be holding a membership drive.
Proceeds from “Jail or Bail” will be split between the Fort Frances Special Olympics and the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.
Local Special Olympian David Ducasse is going to Vancouver to compete in five-pin bowling at the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games (July 8-12), and the Lions’ club and Fort Frances Special Olympics are helping him get there.
Likewise, monies also will be given to the Oakville dog guide school to help anyone in Fort Frances who may be in need of one to help make their lives easier.
Dog guides are trained to fill a variety of roles, including helping people with vision and hearing problems, as well those with physical disabilities, Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, and autism.
Larocque said it costs about $25,000 just to train a dog, let alone pay for an individual or family to travel to Oakville and stay there when they meet their new dog.
“So we want to make lots of money so we can send them,” she added.
Last year’s “Jail or Bail” raised $9,000, with Larocque hoping to top that figure tomorrow.