Intersection to become four-way stop

Duane Hicks

Upon recommendation from the traffic safety committee, town council agreed Monday night to upgrade the intersection of Church Street and Mowat Avenue to a four-way stop.
The committee discussed the upgrade at its Feb. 6 meeting, and in a report to council Monday recommended the north-south yield signs on Mowat Avenue at that intersection be changed to stop signs.
Council voted 3-1 in favour of the upgrade, with Coun. Ken Perry voting against it.
He explained afterwards he felt it should not be a four-way stop but a two-way stop, with stop signs on Mowat Avenue and no signs on Church Street at that particular intersection.
“I don’t believe we should have a stop sign on every corner along a truck route. A two-way stop should be sufficient,” noted Coun. Perry, adding the issue was reviewed after Canada Border Services complained people were not stopping at the north-south yield signs regardless of the west-east traffic.
“Now, they’re going to put in a four-way stop and stop everybody. We should have traffic flow in this town and not traffic stops,” Coun. Perry argued.
“I’d like to see a stop sign on Mowat, both ways, and straight through the other way on Church because a block from there is another stop sign anyway, on Central Avenue.
“It’s stop, stop, stop—you’re stopping trucks on a truck route, sometimes for no reason.”
Council decided last July to decommission the traffic lights at the corner of Mowat Avenue and Church Street.
A traffic count conducted in May found traffic at that intersection had declined to such a point that the existing traffic control signals no longer were justifiable in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s guidelines.
At the same meeting on Feb. 6, the traffic safety committee also discussed upgrades to the intersection of First Street East and Mowat Avenue.
While there was a suggestion from the community to make it a four-way stop (like it was during the Central Avenue reconstruction last summer) instead of the two-way stop it currently is, the committee decided there was no need as the Central Avenue work is now complete and the traffic flow has lessened accordingly.