Intern working on new museum exhibit

The Fort Frances Museum has been seeking feedback over the past month from both residents and visitors to the area about what themes and artifacts they want to see included in a new exhibit there next year.
And after getting about 30 surveys back, interpretive development intern Emily Carr’s job now is truly beginning.
“I’ve been looking over what people have been interested in,” she noted yesterday. “A lot of people showed interest in steamboats and water transportation. Lady Frances Simpson.
“The general lifestyle that men and women had, focusing more on their roles in the community and school life.”
She added pulp, paper, and lumber mills, commercial fishing, and the Hudson Bay Company rounded out the list.
Carr said the next step for her is to compile all the data from the survey.
“Hopefully, this will give me a guideline as to what I should bring in to the exhibit,” she added.
She also noted many of the surveys showed that respondents not only wanted the same things in a new exhibit, but they wanted the same subjects covered that had been showcased in exhibits at the old museum.
“I’ll go into all the research books and see what has been done before. I have an idea what has been done before,” said Carr. “Now, the trick is to find something that is new.
“Maybe it will be the same information you’ve seen before, but hopefully, through researching, I can bring it from a new point-of-view, a new angle, and spark interest in it.”
Carr, who was hired last month to prepare a new exhibit for the museum when it re-opens next year after extensive renovations, said her deadline to develop the new exhibit is next summer.
Carr said if anyone has filled out a survey but hasn’t returned it yet, they should drop it off at 334 Scott St. (the temporary location of the museum), which is open Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Later this week, the museum will be holding a draw for all those who participated in the survey for chance to win a copy of “Fort Frances: The Story of a Town and Its People.”