Input sought on public transportation

Press Release

The Regional Planning Group (RPG) transportation committee is conducting a consumer survey to find out what the public thinks about the state of public transportation in Rainy River District.
The RPG was created from a meeting of community agencies, initiated by Northern Community Development Services (NCDS), last July.
These agency reps identified a number of services within our district that are lacking, or need to undergo some changes to better meet the needs of our communities.
Public transportation was identified as a need for immediate action.
There are limited transportation services in Rainy River District.
The RPG would like to see accessible and affordable public transportation to enable residents to access education, sustain employment, attend appointments, and run everyday errands within their community and the others throughout the district.
At this point, between the RPG and the transportation committee, we have representatives and support from more than 25 local agencies, businesses, and programs.
We have put together a simple consumer survey to get community input so as we move forward, we know what and where to focus our energy.
We can come together as a united district to speak as one voice to be heard, as well as create and attain more resources and funding opportunities!
Join us in this search for resolutions to our district’s public transportation matters. Fill out a survey!
Surveys are available at NCDS Careers Work and Skills and Employment Source (304 Scott St.), as well as various locations around the district.
They also were distributed at the Home & Leisure Show here over the weekend, and will be given out at the Women’s Health Symposium this Saturday (May 8) at Fort Frances High School.