Ideas flooding in for $3 coin name

The deadline may be this Saturday, but the challenge is on.
Following a deluge of responses from Thunder Bay residents to name the local $3 centennial coin, the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce wants to hear what residents here think it should be called.
“We’ve had a wonderful response, the majority of which have come from Thunder Bay,” Chamber co-ordinator Dawn Booth said Thursday morning. “But it would be nice if someone from Fort Frances actually named the coin.”
Booth noted more than 100 suggestions have poured in over the past week, most by e-mail and some by fax. Most are from Thunder Bay, with a handful from Fort Frances.
“I was shocked,” she said of the response, which Booth credited primarily to a front page story in The Chronicle-Journal on Saturday (the story of the name-the-coin contest had appeared in the Daily Bulletin last Friday).
And the suggestions have been “interesting” to say the least, remarked Booth, with some examples being “Frannie,” “Troller,” “The Fort,” “Tweenie,” “Frances,” “The Bassoonie,” and the “Threesome.”
“I don’t think we’ll be going with that last one,” quipped Booth.
Anyone wishing to submit a name for the $3 coin is encouraged to drop by the Chamber office (474 Scott St.), fax their entry to 274-8706, or e-mail it to by Saturday.
But Booth noted this deadline is flexible, insofar as any submissions made over the weekend will be eligible since she won’t be checking them until Monday morning.
A committee of Chamber directors then will meet to decide upon the winning name. “The winner will be recognized and will receive a special gift,” said Booth.
The $3 coin, which has been in circulation here for more than six months, was introduced to commemorate Fort Frances’ centennial year in 2003. It will be in circulation until December, and is available for purchase individually or in rolls of 25.
Gift sets also are available, which include a silver-plated, gold-plated, and bi-metal $3 coin in a decorative case, complete with a picture of Fort Frances back in 1903 as well as an up-to-date one.
Both rolls and the gift sets are available at the CIBC, Royal Bank, Northern Lights Credit Union, and the Chamber office.
In related news, in an effort to further promote circulation of the $3 coin, the Chamber is holding monthly draws for businesses that have purchased at least one roll of the currency.
Any business that has purchased coins can fax or e-mail Booth stating they have done so, and be entered into a monthly draw for one dozen doughnuts and four large coffees from Robin’s Donuts.
One business will be drawn from all eligible entries each month, with the odds of winning dependent on the number of eligible entries.
Businesses must notify the Chamber each time they purchase a roll of $3 coins in order to be eligible. One roll equals one entry.
At the end of the year-long promotion, all entries will go into a draw to receive a free Chamber membership for 2004.