Icebox Radio plans kids’ class

Icebox Radio Theater will be holding a class entitled “The Invisible Stage: Radio Drama for Kids” on Tuesday, Sept. 19 at 3:30 p.m. in Room 101 of Falls Elementary School.
The class, which is limited to 10 participants, will continue for the next three Tuesdays at the same time and location.
The class is for ages 10 and up, although younger students may be accepted. The cost is $5 (U.S.) per session.
Students will learn all about “imagination theatre,” or the art of telling stories with voices, sound effects, and music.
This class introduces all the aspects of radio theatre, including script writing, live performance, creating sound effects, using music, acting on a microphone, and how to direct others.
It also introduces the basics of P.A. systems and recording techniques.
Learn how to tell your own stories, and then put them on CDs for friends and family to enjoy.
As a special bonus, anyone coming to all four sessions will receive a free CD loaded with radio drama recordings, scripts you can produce yourself, recording software, and information on a whole bunch of websites and other resources.
To register, call International Falls Community Education at 1-218-283-2571 ext. 186. For more information, contact Jeffrey Adams at 1-218-283-5570.