‘Ice-out’ on Rainy declared Friday

Just as predicted by one local flying service last week, “ice-out” was declared on the North Arm of Rainy Lake by last Friday (May 4).
“It was all out Friday,” said Gord Melville of Melaire Ltd. “Manitou’s out, everything. It was out before Rainy.”
Melville noted “ice-out” was a little late this year.
“We had lots of ice,” he remarked. “And it got cold again. If it had stayed warm like it was a month ago, it would have gone out early, but it got cold again.”
On the U.S. side of Rainy Lake, “ice-out” also was declared on Friday, Laurel Beager, editor of the Daily Journal over in International Falls, said this morning.
The strong winds overnight Thursday seemed to have helped finally clear out the ice, she added.
“Ice-out” on that side of Rainy Lake means it is possible to travel by boat from Island View to Kettle Falls unimpeded by ice. Last year, it was declared “out” on April 16.
This is the latest “ice-out” date for the North Arm in the past several years.
Last year, the ice officially was “out” on Rainy Lake as of April 17 while the date was April 23 in 2005.
It was declared “out” on April 30 in 2004, May 6 in 2003, May 8 in 2002, May 3 in 2001, and April 22 in 2000.
A look at the past 16 years shows the date of “ice-out” has varied within a 35-day window.
The earliest was in 1998 (April 13) while the latest was in 1996 (May 18).