‘Ice-out’ official as of yesterday

The ice is officially “out” on Rainy Lake as of Wednesday, Rusty Myers Flying Service reported after head pilot Mike Pawlikowski saw the North Arm finally was clear.
To the chagrin of some, it’s five days later than last year—and 16 days later than in 2000—but not really unusual at all.
A look at the past 11 years shows the dates of ice-out has varied within a 35-day window of time.
The earliest was in 1998 (April 13) while the latest was in 1996 (May 18). Only five other times since 1990 was the ice out in April (1990, 1991, 1993, 1999, and 2000).
The latest ice-out date over the past 70 years was May 22 in 1950.
Since 1930, the ice has been declared “out” in the month of May 55 times. The most common date for ice-out has been May 6 (eight times).
The U.S. side declared “ice-out” on Saturday, when it was possible to travel by boat from Island View, east of International Falls, to Kettle Falls unimpeded by ice.