Husky becomes Co-op in short order

By Allan Bradbury
Staff Writer

The former Husky gas station turned into a Co-op Gas Station almost overnight.

It only took a few days and there are still a few changes to be ironed out, but the gas station at the corner of Webster Ave and King’s Highway, also formerly under the Mohawk brand, has received a complete facelift to conform with its new ownership it reopened under the new banner on Monday, May 29.

General Manager Henry Nickel says Clearview Co-op pretty much has the transition down to a science.

The transition from Husky to Co-op didn’t take long for the gas station at the corner of Webster Ave. and King’s Highway. For a brief period last week, the station was closed and there was a mix of both Husky and Co-op branded fixtures. –Allan Bradbury photo

“Co-op across western Canada has purchased 171 Huskys, which need to be converted to Co-op branding,” Nickel said. “A number of them were done prior to us coming to Fort Frances, so we had the benefit of an experienced crew coming here and switching this over within a week. That was the plan and they accomplished that.”

Nickel says he hopes people will notice a better, cleaner image but the biggest change is that the Co-op is owned by members.

Rather than a points system or loyalty program users have to sign up to be a member which actually means buying into the Co-op for $10.

“It’s an ownership,” Nickel said. “So you need to buy a membership and you become an official owner and we need some information from you in order to make that happen. There’s also a fee to it that’s $10 for a lifetime membership and with the benefits you recoup that in no time.”

To join you can log onto The process does require your Social Insurance Number as the company will issue you a T4A form. You then need to pay the $10 online.