Hunger doesn’t take a holiday, says food bank

By Megan Walchuk

For many of us, summer is a carefree time, associated with our favourite picnic and barbecue recipes, ice cream and other treats. But for those in our society with food insecurity, summer can be a perilous time.

Food backs, once overflowing from the warmth and generosity of holiday food drives, are often depleted by the summer months.

“Summer is a tricky time for food banks – with students out of school and many folks on vacation, people tend to forget that hunger doesn’t take a holiday,” said Arthur Heathcote of the Salvation Army.

The organization runs a year-round food bank, and need doesn’t drop in the summer months. In fact, families who depend on school-based nutrition programs often find summer a particularly challenging time. Those who have a limited access to cooking facilities or equipment are another group hard-hit in the summer.

To help fill these needs, the Salvation Army is putting out a plea to the community to help re-stock the shelves for those families in need and individuals with limited resources.

“We are in need particularly of ready-to-eat canned foods,” said Heathcote.

That would include anything safe to eat without heating or refrigeration, such as canned fruit, pastas, beans, chilli, and chunky soups and items like pudding cups.

To drop off a donation, please ring the bell at the back door after 1 p.m. at 242 Scott Street. For more info please reach out to Ryan at 807-291-0012.