Human-caused fires spring up


There have been eight new fires in the West Fire Region since Oct. 1, five of which were human-caused, the Ministry of Natural Resources reported Friday.
The Fort Frances Fire Management Headquarters has responded to two fires in the past week-and-a-half.
One small fire was extinguished near Pipestone Lake while the second one is being monitored on the west boundary of Quetico Provincial Park.
It currently is 0.4 hectares in size.
Meanwhile, the Dryden Fire Management Headquarters responded to five fires, all of which have been put out.
The Thunder Bay Fire Management Headquarters responded to one fire in the last week—a small blaze near Current River and Highway 527 which has since been put “out.”
The MNR reminds the public that human-caused fires are preventable.
For residents who are planning to do brush or grass burning for fall clean-up, remember that under the Forest Fires Prevention Act of Ontario, there is no day-burning of these fires.
Fires are to be started no sooner than two hours before sunset and be out no later than two hours after sunrise.
Alternatives to burning the debris are taking it to a waste disposal site, chipping the piles, or composting the material.
Hunters heading out to camp over the next couple of weeks are reminded to use caution with campfires that are used for cooking and heat.
Keep the fires small, build the fire on mineral soil, and make sure it is dead out before you leave.
Don’t hesitate! Report forest fires by calling toll-free 310-FIRE (3473).