Huffman School dedicates memorial garden

Eager young students gathered outside around a circular flower bed Friday morning, singing “It’s a small world after all,” as Huffman School dedicated a statue to former teacher Elaine Maynard, who found out she had cancer while working there and later passed away.
“So many people were touched by who she was as a person,” teacher Ed Cain said.
Originally, the school planted a tree in memory of Maynard but vandals broke it that same year. The following year, flowers were planted but they didn’t grow.
Finally last spring, the flower bed was created and every student at the school planted one flower in Maynard’s honour.
“Last spring, every student at our school took a plant and planted it and this is what grew,” Cain said, pointing to the large bed filled with flowers.
Called “Elaine’s Garden of Hope,” organizers put the finishing touches on the memorial with the unveiling of a statue there Friday.
Terry Ellwood, superintendent of education with the Rainy River District School Board, and Linda Hamilton, from the Fort Frances Unit of the Canadian Cancer Society, also were on hand.
Students spent much of last week learning about Terry Fox and cancer in preparation for the ceremony, which coincided with the school’s annual Terry Fox Walk.
“[Terry Fox] tried to raise money to fight cancer and 42,000 schools are walking for the cause,” Cain said before unveiling the statue.
When Cain lifted the sheet covering the statue depicting two small children reading, one of the students shouted, “It could be Terry Fox and Mrs. Maynard when they were children!”