HST is killing region’s tourism: Hampton

Press Release

Kenora-Rainy River MPP Howard Hampton last week asked the McGuinty Liberals if they have any plans at all to help the devastated Northern Ontario tourist industry since the HST has been implemented.
“Bookings at tourist resorts are down 40-60 percent,” Hampton noted.
“This has devastated the economy in many Northern Ontario communities.
“What is the McGuinty government doing to help tourist operators survive these devastating economic conditions?” he asked.
Many tourists are re-considering their travel options now that the applicable HST costs another $300-$400.
“Tourist resorts in northern Minnesota and in Manitoba do not charge the HST,” Hampton said.
“The HST has forced tourists across the border,” he stressed.
“The HST is a spending killer from a consumer point a view,” Hampton added, quoting the executive director of the Sunset Country Travel Association.
“I don’t think this Liberal government cares that money that was once spent in our communities is now being spent across the border,” Hampton charged.
“If it did, they would do something to assist the Northern Ontario tourism operators.”