Hospital auxiliary heads up phone drive

The Rainy River Hospital Auxiliary has been hitting the phone lines in an effort to keep the pledges coming in for the new hospital there
Treasurer Elsie Morrison said yesterday she has 11 auxiliary members canvassing the 852 exchange for donations. A standard format was devised for the callers, who began making their pitch Monday.
“I’ve managed to get half of my girls the information they need,” Morrison said, noting she hopes to have the phone drive completed sometime this weekend.
“They’ve been given the choice of doing 10 or 15 people a day,” she added.
The auxiliary members will be asking people if they would be willing to donate $500 to the hospital project, explaining they can either pay $500 at once, $100 a year for five years, or $8 a month for five years.
All pledges will be turned over to hospital administrator Norma Elliott.
While Morrison didn’t know what sort of response the canvassers have been getting, she was “very optimistic” the drive would be successful.
“I know there’s lots of us that haven’t put in our pledges yet and this will sort of spur us on to get on with it,” she said. “[My husband and I] are going to hand ours in with this drive.”
The decision to go ahead with the phone drive was made last Thursday during a meeting with the hospital fundraising committee.
“I don’t think we have any alternative but to go out there and make the contact,” committee co-chair Larry Armstrong noted. “And I think the response will be there.”
Armstrong said the committee also wants to expand the phone drive’s calling area to Bergland and Morson, as well as the Pinewood and Stratton areas.
He said they’re hoping to find contacts in those communities who would be willing to volunteer their time to do it although no one has stepped forward yet.
“The process has been initiated,” Armstrong said. “We think we have it up and running.”