Horticulturalists marking 40 years

Helen Crook

If you like to learn, if you like to give while you get, if you like to volunteer, or if you like to save money, the Fort Frances Horticultural Society might be the place for you!
The society is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and would like to introduce more people to the joy of gardening.
Many worthwhile groups in Fort Frances have folded because they are not inviting to younger people. In this, our 40th year, we are reaching out to all ages.
Join us—and let us know what you need. Is it less business, a need for more social interaction, or a warm welcome?
Arrangements in everyone’s interests can be made because a club is what you make it.
We are not all gardening gurus; some are just wrapped up in the beauty of flowers and wanting to preserve the gardening tradition of this town.
We would love to have more members, and are reaching out to a younger crew and will change to meet your needs.
This year, we are growing blooms for the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship and introducing our cookbook. Our previous garden sites will be maintained and given new annuals—a delight to view.
We would love new members to join us as we partner with Rainycrest to make its courtyards bloom as never before (this is a great chance to bring joy to our deserving seniors).
Sales from our Anniversary Cookbook will help finance this venture.
Each meeting of the club will see a short session on flower arranging. Later, we are planning an event close to Mother’s Day—featuring a flower arrangement in a tea cup—for the public (there will be a small charge to offset costs).
Other events also will occur because of our 40th anniversary.
For instance, an Anniversary Garden Contest will award substantial prizes and will be followed by a garden tour.
Then, in August, we hold our annual Flower and Vegetable Show to highlight our progress and enjoy the fruits of our labours.
As you can see, we have a lot to offer; as well as a place to learn, to volunteer, and to save money because of our society’s plant exchanges and discounts.
This year, branch out; broaden your garden horizons! Join us and get involved in your community and the world of gardening.