Homelessness campaign launched

Press Release

The Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board is launching a public education campaign surrounding the issue of homelessness in the district in partnership with the United Native Friendship Centre, Rainy River District Victim Services Program, Salvation Army, and the Women’s Shelter of Hope.
The DSSAB will be visiting local businesses, organizations, and community groups in an effort to educate residents about what homelessness looks like in Rainy River District and what efforts are underway to tackle this growing issue.
DSSAB CAO Dan McCormick stressed that with cold weather on its way, this initiative hopefully will target the district’s most vulnerable community members and assist them in accessing the supports they need.
“Unfortunately, there is a stigma around homeless individuals and families,” he noted.
“[So] we hope to not only educate the community about the realities of homelessness and poverty, but also let anyone experiencing hidden homelessness know that there are supports at the [DSSAB], as well as at many of our community partners.
“The hidden homeless are the largest and most-challenging to reach group because they don’t sleep on the sidewalk–they sleep in cars, on friends’ couches, some even in the bush,” McCormick added.
Additionally, the DSSAB will be conducting a count of homelessness in the district this coming spring.
The organization has been working with members of the homeless-serving community and is in the planning stages now.
Individuals or families who currently are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, are encouraged to visit the DSSAB at 450 Scott St. in Fort Frances of the Rawn Road Centre in Atikokan to learn what supports may be available.
You also can call 274-5349 or visit www.rrdssab.ca