Home baking featured at local farmers’ market

This Saturday, come to Clover Valley Farmers’ Market on McIrvine Road in Fort Frances and help us celebrate Home Baking Day from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
School is about to start and vendors at the local farmers’ market have delicious, wholesome foods perfect for lunch kits. Nighswander Baking and “Homemade in Burriss,” for instance, produce delicious breads, cookies, and pies.
School environments usually are nut-free these days to avoid difficulty for children with allergies, so market bakers offer nut-free as well as sugar-free baking for special diets.
Investigate the varieties of breads and buns, including many fibre-rich whole grain choices. Try one of the healthy choices: whole wheat and oatmeal, rye, multigrain, or raisin bread.
Cheese buns or biscuits add variety.
Cold cuts of meats processed locally and ready to slice can be found at the Cornell Farms booth. Their beef sticks and Rainy River Elk Company elk sticks are favourites for the school-age lunch kit set.
They’re also easy to pack and nutritious.
This Saturday, come early for the best selection of local farm produce. Garden carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and freshly-picked peas add a kick of vitamins to a lunch kit.
Lettuces help make sandwiches more interesting. Pickled dills or carrots can make a brown bag lunch more palatable. And, to finish a lunch, try Ontario peaches and apples now available at Lowey’s booth.
In this age of the three R’s (reduce, recycle, and reuse), you can both reduce the use of packaging and reuse your lunch box containers with practical Tupperware.
See Cheryl Hughes at the farmers’ market for every type of Tupperware imaginable.
After a busy summer, this is the season home meal planning and family schedules begin to return to a more predictable routine. Gardens are exploding and flavours are at their peak.
Comfort foods and slower cooking start to replace barbecuing.
Iris Gogosha’s cabbage rolls are recommended at this time of year because they are rolled with new garden cabbage, making them tender and tasty. With fresh-from-the-field cabbage, they cook in half the normal time!
You can sample one of Gogosha’s cabbage rolls at her booth this Saturday and decide for yourself!
Cabbage rolls aren’t her only specialty. Her perogies are so popular, she often fills orders for thousands each month.
Not to be forgotten, one of the pillars of Clover Valley Farmers’ Market products is Nighswanders’ pies. As the season change, so do the fresh ingredients.
Wild blueberry and peach pie flew off their shelves last Saturday. If these aren’t comfort foods, what are?
With fall approaching, bird feeders are going back out after a summer hiatus. Dave Dupuis has his cedar “gazebo-style” feeders back in production and will have them available at the market this Saturday.
If you are a collector of unique toys, Christina Stoessinger of Grandmother’s Attic has all toys 20 percent off this Saturday.
A favourite market day, Bulk Honey Day is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 3rd. Get your containers cleaned out and ready!
It’s a perfect season to drop by the farmers’ market. Loads of great, fresh products—the best of what is produced locally.