Highway re-opened to westbound traffic


Westbound traffic will be able to resume using King’s Highway at Central Avenue starting late this afternoon.
The detour has been modified now that the first stage of the reconstruction from York Avenue to Wright Avenue has been paved.
Traffic will flow as normal up to the Webster Avenue intersection.
At Webster, the two westbound lanes will merge down to one to Wright Avenue (through the second stage of the construction) and then back to two lanes at Holmes Avenue.
As well, the timing of the traffic lights in all directions at Central Avenue will be converted back to what it was prior to the road work.
Meanwhile, eastbound traffic now will use Holmes Avenue instead of Wright Avenue.
Traffic will proceed to the Third Street West intersection, where motorists will be directed to turn right and proceed eastbound onto King’s Highway at the Third Street West intersection.
In related news, the temporary stop sign for westbound traffic along King’s Highway at the intersection of Wright Avenue will be shifted to the Holmes Avenue intersection.
This will ensure eastbound traffic along King’s Highway will be able to turn left onto Holmes.
There also will be temporary stop signs at the following intersections:
•One stop sign at the Third Street West/King’s Highway intersection for eastbound traffic along King’s Highway.
This change will ensure traffic coming off Third Street West in an eastbound direction will be able to get onto King’s Highway without any eastbound traffic congestion.
This intersection also has poorer sightlines.
•One stop sign at Webster Avenue/King’s Highway intersection for westbound traffic.
This change will ensure westbound traffic proceeds in a slower fashion through the second stage of construction.
Bay City Contractors is continuing to work on the second stage of the project from Webster Avenue to Wright.
Access and egress to all commercial businesses along this stage will be maintained at all times.
The exact route through the construction zone also will be adjusted as construction progresses.