High-speed Internet to be here in August

High-speed Internet access, possibly as fast as 512 kbps, could be available to Fort Frances residents and businesses by mid-August.
After installing an antanna on top of the town’s water tower on Wednesday, local Internet service provider (ISP) Jam21.Net will be able to provide customers with wireless Internet through a T1 in International Falls.
“We’re testing over the next month and we should be safe to be shooting in mid-August,” said Jam21 owner Dave Ashworth.
“We’ll be offering speed minimum 128 kbps to 512 kbps,” he added. “It’ll be a two-way connection sending and receiving through [customers’] wireless connection at their home.”
The wireless connection also will allow customers to free up cable and phone lines as only an antanna–leased or bought from Jam21 and installed within sight of the water tower–will be needed for the connection.
“It won’t take up your phone line or if you have a separate phone line, you can get rid of it,” said Ashworth. “Price-wise, we’ll definitely be under $100 [a month]. We’ll definitely be more economical than the satellite connection.
“At this point, there will be an install fee and either a price plus the equipment or a price including the equipment,” he noted.
The wireless connection also will be offered in International Falls soon as Northwinds Net, the ISP housing the T1, prepares to launch the service there.
“We’re working with them to provide this system to everybody,” said Ashworth.
More antannae may be added to the water tower as Jam21 gauges how much transmission it will use depending on the number of subscribers and amount of bandwidth provided.