Helping others in our community

I think it’s important to help others in our community because not everyone has a lot of money. So sometimes when people come by asking for donations to help out a family that has no home, give them a little bit of change because every penny counts.
There are many different ways of helping others. It could be from helping a neighbour build a gazebo to sparing some change for the families in need. Either way, helping is a good thing.
Like the accident that happened in the area around Thailand. That tsunami killed about 150,000 people! Not to mention how many people it left homeless. There were little children roaming the streets looking for their families that probably got swept away in the current.
So help them. Send them a donation of money, clothes, food. HELP THEM!
Like how would you feel? Put yourself in their shoes for just one day. You try having to walk the streets starving with little water and food and no one even cares about you.
Some ways you can help people are going to the Salvation Army and giving your old clothes that no longer fit you. You may think that the clothes are old, but someone else may think, “Hey, look at those clothes. They’re perfect and at the right price!”
Another way of helping others is joining the Kiwanis Builder’s Club. If you’re in Grade 6-8, come on in and join. We organize fundraisers to help others. Like we have sent money over to South-east Asia for some families in need that had no food or water, or maybe even had no clothes! We sent more than $300.
We also gave a young blind girl in our school $200 so she could try to live a better lifestyle.
I like donating money to people in need because you know that they appreciate what you have done. It just makes you feel great inside knowing you’ve helped someone in need.
Like around every Christmas, my grandma and I go to the pharmacy and get a shoe box, and with that shoe box we fill it with clothes, hard candies, and sometimes little containers that can hold water.
We send the shoe boxes to children that live in Africa. These children have no food and sometimes no clothes or even parents! WOW!!! Can you imagine having no parents and just roaming the streets? I know I can’t.
So if you could just maybe even help an elderly person carry in his/her groceries or send someone some food or water if they need it . . . Just Help!! You can make a difference.
Editor’s note: This essay won first prize in the local Salvation Army’s recent essay contest. Students from Robert Moore School and Nestor Falls School participated.
The students were asked to write about why it is important to help others.
The Grade 6 class at Robert Moore won a pizza party for their efforts.