Heavy equipment a safety risk in park

The Town of Fort Frances Municipal Emergency Control Group is continuing to monitor and take the necessary actions to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure, assets and properties directly affected by the high waters.

As a result, the following closures (pedestrian and vehicular) have been implemented:

  1. Front Street (Williams Avenue to Butler Avenue; Mosher Avenue to Armit Avenue)
  2. River Front walking path
  3. Front Street bike path (Williams Avenue to Butler Avenue; Mosher Avenue to Armit Avenue)
  4. Front Street Playground
  5. Front Street Fitness Equipment
  6. Sorting Gap Marina
  7. Lookout Tower
  8. The Hallet
  9. River Front Docks
  10. Point Park and Seven Oaks (closed to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic)

Access to La Verendrye Hospital – Riverside Health Care is still accessible through all entrances.

Point Park has been closed for the protection and safety of the public, and there is a heightened safety risk with use of heavy machinery and work being conducted in this area. All closures apply to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and it is considered trespassing to go around the barricades to these closed areas. The OPP are assisting us in maintaining the integrity of these areas and will press charges if necessary.

Boaters on the Rainy Lake and Rainy River should be cognizant of boat speed and wakes, as this can contribute to wave action and erosion along our shorelines.

Sandbagging operations have moved to the Shevlin Wood Yard and volunteers are welcome to assist.

Operations have been extended Monday- Sunday, 8:00AM – 8:00PM. Volunteers are required to register with Town Staff at the Command Trailer.

At this time all dams are operating within normal operating capacities and are being continually monitored by the appropriate regulatory authorities.

We thank you for your patience and understanding. Please be assured that we will continue to monitor the situation and work to keep the public informed through 93.1 The Border and our Town of Fort Frances social media.