Heart transplant patient back home

After undergoing a heart transplant Feb. 21, Fort Frances resident Susan Martin is now back home and recovering according to schedule.
“I’m doing great,” said Martin, who arrived here from Ottawa to a warm welcome by family and friends last Wednesday.
“I feel better,” she noted. “I’m not 100 percent or anything yet, but I feel like I got a second chance on life.
“I’m in awe every day,” she added. “Sometimes I wake up and forget sometimes [about the transplant].”
Martin, the daughter of Ken and Madeline Martin, also said she’s very grateful to the Fort Frances “Community Chest,” which helped out with her medical expenses.
“Without them, I don’t know what I would have done,” she conceded.
Martin is expected to take another one-three months to fully recover, and will have to travel back to Ottawa for a check-up at the end of the month.
Further travel will depend on her progress.
Martin was in hospital at the Ottawa Heart Institute for about three weeks after her surgery, then stayed in the intern residences for the rest of the time prior to her release.
While Martin has had heart problems since she was a child, it only was diagnosed back on Oct. 9 that she would need a heart transplant.
She first was contacted Jan. 4 and told a suitable organ had been located, but she could not travel to Ottawa at that time due to freezing rain coming down here.
Shortly thereafter, the organ no longer was available for the operation.
Martin was contacted again Feb. 20 and told another heart had been found, and that she should undergo surgery as soon as possible.
Martin was taken via air ambulance from here early on Feb. 21 and was in hospital for her surgery by that afternoon.
Her family had visited while she was in hospital in Ottawa.