Health unit to restructure

The Northwestern Health Unit will see some new faces leading its operations come spring as it restructures its management as recommended by an operational review late last year.
“Before the operational review, we had, including myself, eight managers,” said Dr. Pete Sarsfield, the health unit’s CEO and chief medical officer.
“What the review recommended is that the seven positions, including the two recently vacated by Bob Jeffrey and Ken Allan, have to be restructured.
“The remaining five managers have been told their positions will not exist after April 1.
“But they can apply for the new positions, which we’ve posted in newspapers across the region, including Thunder Bay and into Manitoba,” Dr. Sarsfield stressed.
The positions being restructured include health planner (formerly Jeffrey), infectious disease control team leader (formerly Allan), administration team leader (Wayne Hanchard), operations officer (Mike Perrault), preventative services team leader (Karen Essery), health promotion team leader (Phyllis Anderson), and environmental health team leader (Bill Limerick).
“We’ve changed not just the names but the jobs themselves,” said Dr. Sarsfield, noting the number of positions have been reduced to six by recombining some of the duties previously handled by individual managers.
The new positions include director of infectious disease control and environmental health, director of health promotion and disease prevention, director of children’s services, director of operations, director of finance and administration, and program planning and evaluation consultant.
“One of the biggest questions I have to address concerning the new positions is where will they be [located]?” Dr. Sarsfield said.
“What we’ve done, in order to attract as many people as possible, is we haven’t determined where the positions will be placed.
“We’ve said ‘location to be discussed’ in the ads,” he added.
The new positions were posted late last week. The deadline for applications is March 15.