Health unit to begin immunizations soon

Press Release

Following the federal and provincial authorization yesterday for the release of the H1N1 ’flu vaccine, the Northwestern Health Unit has announced local information about upcoming ’flu vaccinations.
Dr. James Arthurs, acting medical officer of health for the health unit, stated that “with confidence that the vaccine is both safe and effective, the Northwestern Health Unit will soon begin immunizing residents with the adjuvanted H1N1 vaccine AREPANRIX.”
All residents aged 10 and older should receive one dose of the vaccine while children from six months to nine years of age should receive two half-doses administered at least 21 days apart.
The unadjuvanted vaccine, intended for pregnant women, remains on track for early November.
The H1N1 ’flu vaccine can be administered at the same time as seasonal influenza immunization and other vaccines.
Next week, the Northwestern Health Unit will release detailed information about where and when you can get immunized.