Hazy skies here due to B.C. fires

the MNR

General hazy conditions, particularly in the western sectors of Northwestern Ontario in the West Fire Region, are likely the result of smoke drifting in on wind currents from British Columbia’s forest fires.
Although the haze is considered to be the result of the smoke from the western fires, if people believe there is a fire nearby, they should call in a report to 310-FIRE (3473).
If the public has general inquiries, however, they are asked to call the fire information hotline for the West Fire Region at 1-888-258-8842.
They will hear a recorded message, and can leave a name and number for a call back if they require further information.
Meanwhile, Ontario’s latest support for B.C. departed Saturday, including a 19-person Incident Management Team and two helicopter co-ordinators.
This week, a planned dispatch of 200 FireRangers will leave for B.C., replacing some who will be returning to Ontario.
Forest firefighting resources in Ontario remain adequate for current and expected fire conditions, with much of the province at a “low” to “moderate” fire danger.
Currently there are only four active fires in the West Fire Region, located in the far north.
These are not posing any problems and are being monitored.
The fire hazard is “moderate” across this region.