Have a safe long weekend: police

This holiday weekend, motorists can expect to see additional OPP officers on the highways as they strive to ensure drivers behave and families arrive safely.
The OPP urges drivers to take extra time when behind the wheel and be sure that seatbelts and/or child restraints are used by everyone in the vehicle.
It will be a busy weekend on the roads, so be prepared for possible delays. This means focusing your attention on driving and putting safety first.
Water safety
Few mishaps can ruin a leisurely day trip, weekend or vacation more than serious boating accident. This weekend, the OPP wants everyone to think seriously about everything they need to do to be safe on the water.
There is no shortage of lakes and rivers in Northwestern Ontario, and taking a boat out on the water seems almost as common as taking a road trip.
Sadly, however, there are people every year who take to the water and do not take a responsible approach to participating in what should be an enjoyable outdoor pastime.
The rules for staying safe on the water are simple:
•Don’t drink and boat;
•Don’t rive recklessly;
•Wear your Personal Flotation Device (PFD) at all times;
•Know the weather forecast before you go out; and
•Be on the lookout for other boats or objects around you.
By practising safe boating, you will provide a wonderful pastime for you and your family, and give them a love of the water that will last them a lifetime.