Hampton unveils bid

Press Release

Former local MPP Howard Hampton announced today that he will run for the NDP nomination for the federal riding of Kenora in the upcoming election.
“I’m excited to announce today that I will be seeking the NDP candidacy for the Kenora riding in the upcoming federal election,” said Hampton.
“Whether it was as a provincial cabinet minister, MPP, NDP leader, or special advisor to Tom Mulcair, I’ve proudly stood up and fought for the people of Northwestern Ontario for over 20 years,” he noted.
“I hope to earn the support of the NDP members in the riding to run as their candidate.”
As Mulcair’s special advisor for the “Ring of Fire,” Hampton said Northwestern Ontario’s economy has suffered badly under the Harper Conservatives.
“Thousands of good jobs have been lost across Northwestern Ontario since the election of the Harper Conservatives,” he charged.
“They spend public money on advertising promoting themselves but have done little to create jobs and a better future for our communities.”
Hampton said his priority is to build good working relations with First Nations across Northwestern Ontario while creating new opportunities and good, sustainable jobs in the process.
“If we want to see new jobs in the mining, forestry, and tourism sectors, working co-operatively with First Nations is absolutely necessary,” he stressed.
“The Harper Conservatives are incapable of building those respectful and co-operative relationships.
“If I become the successful candidate, I know that with my experience, and Tom Mulcair’s leadership, we can succeed where the Harper Conservatives have failed,” he remarked.
Hampton will spend the next few weeks talking and listening to people across Kenora riding to garner support for the NDP nomination.