Hallowe’en costume exchange slated

Peggy Revell

An exchange is in the works later this month to give old children’s Hallowe’en costumes a new home.
For families with children’s costumes that no longer can be used, the exchange is a way to pass them to others, explained Sherri Putzer, who is organizing the two-day event.
“I don’t want to diss any businesses that sell costumes, but in times like now, money is really tight so it’s just nice to be able to have that option to be able to reuse costumes,” she reasoned.
“It’s also a recycling thing, too,” she added.
“Coming from Walker School, having my kids there—Walker is really doing their part for the environment, so I thought we could do that one extra step, too.”
The exchange will be held at the J.W. Walker gym on Friday, Oct. 22 from 3:30-7 p.m. and again on Saturday, Oct. 23 from 10 a.m-4 p.m.
For those who want to participate, the costumes will need to be dropped off by Oct. 21 at one of several drop-off locations across the district, including J.W. Walker School, the “Best Start” hubs in Fort Frances, Emo, Stratton, and Rainy River, as well as the Couchiching toy lending library.
“Common sense dictates that I’d prefer to have them in good, clean order,” said Putzer, stressing the costumes need to be without rips, tears, soils, or stains.
“In good condition—the way you would want to receive it is the way we want to receive it.”
All sizes will be accepted, from young child to adult, but organizers would prefer to deal with children and mainstream children sizes, Putzer noted.
When a donation is made, a coupon will be issued to be used on the days of the exchange for picking up a new costume.
“If you want to, [you can] donate [the coupon] back to us so we can give it to somebody who might need it who doesn’t have a costume to donate,” Putzer remarked, referring to those who may not need a new costume.
“Or you can give it to somebody who you know who needs it,” she added.
Putzer is aiming to collect donations from people and organizations so there will be a variety of costumes available for all participants.
“Because I just don’t want the last person there to be stuck—if they maybe need a costume for a nine-year-old girl but there’s only boys’ costumes for infants left,” she explained.
“I just want to have that little bit of extra just to have more selection for the people.”
Anyone with questions or comments can contact Putzer by calling 274-6879 or 275-7750.