Hallowe’en costume donations sought


The United Native Friendship Centre here wants to ensure family finances don’t restrict children from taking part in Hallowe’en activities.
Karly Rousseau, Aboriginal Family Support Worker, noted they are looking for donations of costumes to help out local families.
“Too often families can’t afford to buy costumes for all of their kids and the kids miss out on trick-or-treating,” she explained.
“What I want to do is make sure that doesn’t happen.”
The UNFC would like to acquire Hallowe’en costumes of all sizes and varieties that they will loan to their clients.
Rousseau said their clients are asked to put down a $5 deposit for each costume they borrow, which they get back when it is returned.
“So it’s free and really awesome,” she enthused.
The UNFC currently has a small selection of costumes, but is hoping to get some more.
Rousseau noted the UNFC has been loaning out costumes for about four years now, but so far the service has been for its clients only.
She said if they had a larger selection of costumes, it’s something they may be able to offer to the whole community at some point.
Hallowe’en costumes can be dropped off at the Circle of Life Centre (616 Mowat Ave.) on Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.