Hallam will be missed: CAO


The Town of Fort Frances will have a new chief building official (CBO) next week, as the town’s CBO of almost 14 years, Rick Hallam, is retiring effective March 31.
Hallam will be replaced by Travis Rob, who has been obtaining the necessary qualifications over the past year.
Starting next week, Rob will assume the role of CBO, along with his current duties as facility/special project co-ordinator with Pubic Works.
Hallam has agreed to be named deputy CBO and be available to work if necessary.
Town CAO Mark McCaig said Hallam will be missed.
“He’s been a very loyal and dedicated employee to the town,” he noted yesterday.
“He’s taken his duties very seriously and I really feel that Rick has had a good relationship, overall, with the local contractors,” added McCaig.
“He’s tried his best to make sure that the edicts of the Building Code were upheld but also tried to do it in a very consultative manner with the contractors, to be very open to having dialogue,” he said. “I think that served him well in that role.”
McCaig said Hallam always took a lot of pride in his work, in working for the town and in his duties in general.
“He was a very professional and thorough type of person,” he noted. “I know for a fact that among his colleagues in the building officials’ area in Northwestern Ontario, he was held in high regard. I’ve had a number of building officials pass that on to me. He was held in high regard his peers.”
Hallam also was Superintendent of Planning and Development, and as a manager, he provided good support to McCaig’s role as CAO.
McCaig will now take over Hallam’s duties as Superintendent of Planning and Development, adding them to his own responsibilities as the town’s chief administrator.
This is part of the town’s overall plan to effect savings in the 2013 budget and going forward.
More such efficiencies will be discussed at the next regular budget meeting, which is slated for Monday at 4:30 p..m at the town hall.