H1N1 vaccine now being offered to all

Press Release

The Northwestern Health Unit is ready to offer H1N1 vaccinations to the general public.
“Our experience from the H1N1 clinics in the region is that we have reached the priority groups who want the vaccine–it’s time to open it up,” said Dr. James Arthurs, acting medical officer of health for the health unit
Priority groups, including people under 65 with chronic conditions, pregnant women, health-care workers, people living in remote or isolated communities, and care providers of people who cannot be immunized, still are encouraged to get the vaccine.
’Flu shots for pregnant women (containing the unadjuvanted vaccine) is now available by appointment through the Northwestern Health Unit.
The health unit expects to get enough H1N1 vaccine for anyone in the catchment area that wants or needs it, and will continue to offer immunizations as long as supplies last.
Dr. Arthurs stressed “any shortages in the supply of the vaccine will only be temporary.”
“Our perspective now is that the H1N1 vaccine should be in the arms of all Ontarians as soon as possible,” he added.
A ’flu shot is the best protection against the ’flu.
The most up-to-date information about where and when to get the H1N1 ’flu shot in your community is available online at www.nwhu.on.ca or by calling toll-free 1-866-468-2240.