Guides, Muskies, Betty’s and Window and Door Store collaborate to create comfort blankets for Cancer Bags


Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. So in a heartwarming display of community spirit, staff at The Window & Door Store decided to assist local patients during chemotherapy. By partnering with local businesses, clubs and individuals, they have embarked on a mission to provide comfort items to those undergoing treatment.

The store recently collaborated with the Muskie Cheerleaders, who cut a large quantity of materials generously donated by Betty’s of Fort Frances. The cut blankets were then tied by Spark and Ember Girl Guide troupes.

“This initiative underscores a collective effort to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those battling cancer,” said the Window and Door store in a statement.

Jessica Ogden, centre, co-owner of the Window and Door Store, joined the Brownie and Embers Girl Guide troupes, to help with the creation of blankets, which will be added to the store’s Chemo Bag initiative. The bags, which contain a range of comfort item donated by businesses and individuals, will offer comfort to those undergoing chemotherapy. – Submitted photo

The blankets will form part of the Window and Door Store’s Cancer Bag program – bags of comfort items which have been assembled to be donated to chemotherapy patients. Local businesses and individuals have donated items to the program, including tea, scented bags, puzzle books, coupons and bottled water. Many other businesses have donated financially.

Jessica Ogden, Co-owner of The Window & Door Store, got fully involved in the blanket making, from start to finish. She attended the Sparks and Embers Monday night meeting, where she lent a helping hand in tying the blankets, fostering a sense of unity and support within the community.

Reflecting on her interactions with the Sparks & Embers group, Jessica was deeply moved by the stories shared about individuals affected by cancer. Through these conversations, she gained insight into the profound impact these care packages will have on countless lives.

“This campaign truly highlights the compassion and generosity within our community,” remarked Ogden. “It’s incredible to witness the collective effort aimed at bringing comfort and support to those in need.”

The collaborative efforts of The Window & Door Store, alongside local businesses, individuals, and community groups, serve as a testament to the power of unity in addressing pressing societal challenges. As these initiatives continue to flourish, they not only provide tangible assistance but also serve as a guiding light of hope for those facing difficult times.

The Fort Frances Muskie Cheerleaders took on the task of cutting material to size for the blankets; all of the material was generously donated by Betty’s Fort Frances. – Submitted photos