Groups hosting ‘Stations of the Cross’

Sam Odrowski

Various groups from St. Mary’s Church are taking turns hosting the “Stations of the Cross” every Friday leading up to Good Friday (March 30).
“What we do is we run it from different organizations within the church,” said event organizer Kenny Desjardins.
St. Mary’s lectors kicked off the weekly series on Feb. 16, followed by the Catholic Women’s League on Feb. 23 and the church’s youth groups on March 2.
“For that one, we do more of a youthful meaning behind it that the kids can relate to,” Desjardins explained.
The Knights of Columbus then performed the “Stations of the Cross” this past Friday (March 9).
Desjardins enjoys the “Stations of the Cross” because it gives a physical representation of the Catholic church’s Apostle Creed.
“Most people just go through the motions when they say the creed at mass,” Desjardins said.
“And when you say it so repetitively, it doesn’t really have as much meaning.
“But with ‘Stations of the Cross,’ we break that creed down and you get to follow the passion of Christ and the way of the cross, by meditating on each station, of where He followed up to His death.”
Desjardins said recreating the story behind Christ’s death every year helps to further his faith.
“It gives me a little deeper of an appreciation for what [Jesus] went through,” he remarked.
“It’s basically like watching the passion of Christ but in a more of a prayerful setting.”
Desjardins encourages everyone in the area to come out and attend one of the upcoming “Stations of the Cross.”
The Bereavement Group at St. Mary’s will be hosting the next one this Friday (March 16), with the service starting at 7 p.m.
Then the Associates of Ste. Marguerite d’Youville will be performing the “Stations of the Cross” at the same time on the following Friday (March 23).
“Take the opportunity and come out,” Desjardins urged.
“It’s really worth it because taking extra time to develop your prayer life, and grow closer to Christ, is something we should all strive towards during Lent and Easter,” he said.