Group seeks help to assess need for assisted living

Duane Hicks

Pursuant to an article in last week’s Times, the Seniors and Law Enforcement Together’s Assisted Living Action Group is asking for the public to write in and let them know about the need for assisted living among area families.
The group would like to hear why people feel it is important to provide assisted living in our community for themselves and/or their families, said member Becky Holden, a health promoter with the Northwestern Health Unit here.
“We are working to gather information from our community and district to demonstrate the need for assisted living facilities in the community,” she explained.
“We encourage letters from people who are in need of assisted living, from family members who have someone in need of assisted living, from people who think they will need it in the future, and anyone else who supports this initiative and can help us demonstrate the need,” Holden added.
The public can send letters to Box S c/o Fort Frances Times, 116 First St. E., Fort Frances, Ont., P9A 1K2 or via e-mail to
“There is no deadline for letters—letters will be valuable throughout this initiative,” said Holden.
“But we encourage letters to be sent in by mid-February to support our immediate efforts,” she added.
Assisted living is defined as an alternative means of care for seniors for whom independent living no longer is appropriate but who do not need the 24-hour care provided by a nursing home.
Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting of the Assisted Living Action Group and get involved. Their next meeting is slated for Monday, Jan. 24 at 10 a.m. at the Super 8 here.
This invitation is open to residents, as well as representatives of organizations with an interest in assisted living.
Started this past summer, SALT is a program to mobilize seniors to become involved with local police and other service agencies that focus on seniors’ needs in their community.